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I’m not sure where to start - what do we put in our report? 

You will work with your Impact Coach to decide on information to populate up to 6 areas of inspiring infographics and info. We are all about celebrating the mission of your church, so together we will decide what best shows progress, effectiveness, and impact! 

What will my coach help with? 

Your coach will collaborate with your team to craft an approach, answering the question, “What story do we want to tell about what God  is doing through our church?” On coaching calls, you will receive time to brainstorm and refine ideas that will eventually get forwarded to our designer’s desk. 

How does the process work once I buy?

The process is fairly intuitive and looks like this: 

1) Client church receives Startup Guide and Video Instructions 

2) Client schedules Call #1 with Impact Coach 

3) Client & Coach turn the information over to Designer 

4) Designer creates Draft Impact Report 

5) Coach & Client collaborate on up to 2 changes 

6) Designer creates FINAL IMPACT REPORT 

7) Client church receives Impact Report in various formats

What do you require of me? Will I get swamped with extra work?

When executed as expected, The Impact Report Company will take the burden away from staff and leadership. Still, the Impact Coach will encourage you to decide who the best “point of contact” is at the church and the coach – a person who has access to data and information. The coach will want to regularly interact with this person.

What is the product – how can I receive it?

Once we have data, it takes one week for a first draft. The 2nd Coaching  Call is scheduled to make sure the report is accurate. There may be a change or two to be made before it is a finalized IMPACT REPORT. At this point, you will receive the report in a handful of formats for your immediate use. 

If I sign up for the 3-Seasons Package, do I have to use them in a certain time period?

Yes! Because we want your church to experience the power of increased trust, engagement, and buy-in to your mission, we will hold you to creating 3 reports within a 12-month period. This is because we believe it is the best way, not because we are trying to be overly pushy with you. 

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