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We have a big dream for the churches in our country.

Our dream is to stir churches to measure and report on progress toward their mission, and thereby raise the bar on effectiveness for all churches. We are trying to be a catalyst in seeing 25% of the churches in America regularly use compelling and clear reports as an act of celebrating, accountability, and trust-building in the next 5 years.

Why did we choose to focus this tool on the church?

We love the local church and our team has spent most of our time serving, leading, pastoring, and coaching local churches. We combined our desire to help churches with the passion to run a small business in that space. The Impact Report Company is trying to have its cake and eat it, too. We want to provide a low-cost solution to many churches that may one day impact communities all over the country.

Meet the IRC Team

Greg Gibbs 

Co-Founder & Chief Impact Advisor 

Greg has been in ministry for 30 years. He pastored and led churches for half of his career, and has coached senior pastors and ministry leaders for the second half. 


Greg is a writer and consultant that has worked with hundreds of leaders across the denominational landscape. His work is focused on organizational clarity as well as generosity. He recently finished a decade-long investment in his home church as the Director of Organizational Advancement – his responsibilities included the strategy behind multi-site launches, church plants, and advising the senior pastors on future direction. He now serves as a Senior Lead Navigator for the church-consulting group called Auxano. 


This company is an expression of Greg’s passion for seeing more churches measure what matters, and as a result, see those churches go to a new level of effectiveness.

Dan Hills

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Dan is a Certified StoryBrand Marketing Guide and seasoned creative director. After his service in the United States Navy, he returned to Michigan's home state to study visual storytelling, business, and marketing. Dan's understanding of marketing and visual communication has helped organizations (both for-profit and non-profit) build, clarify, strengthen their marketing, improve organizational engagement, and develop creative strategies for growth.


"I've always wanted to serve the church using my God-given abilities. The Impact Report Company has given me that opportunity. My goal is to help provide effective avenues for the church to improve engagement and celebrate its impact through transparent and creative visual communications."


Joel Tomkinson

Director of Research & Assessments 

Joel is a high-capacity integrator with a passion to help people. His professional experience includes communications and marketing, business operations leadership, and project and staff management. Joel thrives when working with visionaries who empower him to bridge the gap between strategy and execution. This makeup is ideal for supporting Navigators and coaching church leaders through assessment projects.

In addition to his TIRC work, Joel serves as a pastor at Woodside Bible Church, a multisite church spread across Metro Detroit. As he coaches pastors and ministry leaders, he often faces the same realities in his ministry context. Joel married his sixth-grade best friend Allie, and they enjoy family time with their two young children. Joel is a traveler, foodie, gardener, and student of people.

Gary Clemmer

Impact Coach

Gary has served in operational ministry for nearly 20 years. He has been Communications Director for a church and Finance Manager for a non-profit theatre company, both located in Hollywood. Since 2008 he has served as the Operations Pastor at Ecclesia Hollywood, a missional community in Los Angeles. Gary is passionate about organizational clarity and loves helping churches discover and communicate their true Kingdom impact.


Krysta Baughman

Project Manager

Krysta brings efficiency and clear communication to our team. Her professional experience includes administration, development, and project management in the business, non-profit, and church worlds. In addition to her work at TIRC, Krysta is married to Dan, a pastor, so she has seen firsthand the ways churches thrive and the challenges they face. They have four kids and an old house. She loves coffee, podcasts, and Detroit.

Andrea Gibbs

Impact Coach

Andrea is a bible teacher, curriculum writer, and Director of the Internship Program at her home church. She shares the dream for church effectiveness with Greg and the Impact Report team. She is especially partial to her dogs, Walter and Gus. 

Brenda La Vigne

Communication Design Specialist

Brenda is a Detroit-based graphic designer who specializes in transforming data into engaging and digestible visual stories. She aims to help the church members gain a clear vision of where the church is going and the positive impact it's creating. By displaying information in an applicable way, she makes it simple for church leaders to fully understand the measurable data to make the best decisions that will keep the church mission-focused and further the kingdom of God.

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