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Motivate & 

activate your congregation

Visual Reports & step-by-step coaching to measure and celebrate your church's impact.

Church Impact Report

Build A Customized Visual Report

Branded & Easy to Understand 

With Expert Guidance Every Step Of the Way

Avoid a stalled mission.

Without clear and consistent communication, your church experiences:

A Gap In Understanding


A Decline In

Open a communication line through effective reporting.

Consistently inspire your church with good news, so you:

Keep your church enlightened

Improve engagement

Create more mission-impact

Church Impact Reports

The process is simple.

Connect With An Impact Coach And Learn About Measuring 

Work With A Designer To Customize Your Report's Design

Start Celebrating Impact With Your Congregation


Single Impact Report


- Two 30-Minute calls with Certified Impact Coach 

- Up to 6 areas of impact included

- Your church logo, colors, and brand

- Custom Designed Info-graphic style report in multiple formats 

- Training videos, samples, and ideas

- 1 week until the draft, 2 changes included

3 Seasons Package


- All of the single Impact Report features included

- Three separate reports for strategic times

- 3 “live” Fresh Idea Webinars with Impact Coaches & other 3-Season members

- Membership in The Impact Report Community 

Custom Design Reports

(Custom Pricing)

- Discounts for 6 or more Impact Reports per year 

- Multi-page designs available 

- Year In Review (Annual Reports)

- Capital Campaign Update Reports

- Mission Trip or Mission Project Reports

- Congregational Survey Results Reports 


Check out what other church leaders have to say about us!

pastor wendell hutchins.jpg

The Impact Report has been an extraordinary tool – the single greatest resource that has enabled us to bring clarity in this season of confusion.  When we added this, our congregation came alive with excitement about how God is using our ministry.

Pastor Wendell Hutchins, Church of Champions, Houston, TX

The Case for Impact Reporting

Download your free E-book


What Matters.

Why are churches not doing this?

Many churches have a positive motivation to not “brag” about their ministry. But these same churches unintentionally miss the opportunity to encourage their people by sharing what amazing things their church is doing in their own communities. Meanwhile, other non-profits, universities, and organizations are reporting regularly about their value to the members of our churches. The question that drove us was: Isn’t there a way for the church to consistently report in a way that celebrates and appropriately credits God with the progress?

Churches could do this themselves, right?

Yes – absolutely. But many of them don’t. Our thesis is this: Spending less than $500 each year will produce thousands - if not tens of thousands - of dollars or more in contributions by people who have a better understanding and trust level around how the church is utilizing those funds. And this says nothing about the increase in levels of awareness and engagement with the ministries of the church (which is more difficult to put a dollar value on).  

We are much more than a design firm.

Members of our team have been serving and coaching churches large and small and in many different denominations for decades. We combine some of the grey hairs of wisdom with younger team members that are savvy with communications, marketing, and design.

So what are you waiting for? Start reporting today so you can motivate and activate your congregation to generate more impact.

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